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B17 Liberty Belle Flatirons

Minutes from downtown Denver on the beautiful Front Range of the Rocky Mountains, the Bell Ornithopters Flying Club is a private club that provides its members with a unique flying experience. Flying from KBJC - Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport (formerly JeffCo) pilots can tour the Front Range or launch on cross-country adventures.

The Club owns two IFR equipped Cessna 172 aircraft, which are hangared at KBJC. They are meticulously maintained, have 4 place intercoms and have electrical engine heat plugins for the cold months. The cost per flying hour is wet and is the lowest of any club in the metro area. The Club is accepting applications for new members.

If you are a current pilot and want to enjoy low cost flying, a student pilot paying high prices at the local commercial flight schools or an expired pilot who needs to become current, this Club is the opportunity to accomplish your goals for the lowest cost. Click the link below to get more information. - Blue Skies!

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